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The Postman is a family owned company that started 25 years ago. For some background, I was working for a company and was laid off frequently throughout the year and was looking for something else to supplement my income. One day while driving home, after being laid off, I had noticed that there were a lot of mailboxes damaged and in various stages of disrepair. I told my wife about my idea of starting a business of repairing mailboxes. We made a plan to run an ad in the Kalamazoo Flashes and see if this idea would work. The paper came out on a Friday and by Monday we had 36 phone calls... and so The Postman was born! We did strictly mailboxes for a couple years.

A few years later, when I was at Builder's Square buying lumber for our mailboxes, the manager came up to me and asked if we could install fencing. I had told him I had never thought of that but I had installed fencing before so though I could do it. After going through all the paper work, we became their full-time fencing installers, covering the lower part of Michigan. At that time, both of my sons as well as my brother hit the road installing fence in Southwest Michigan. We also continued repairing/replacing mailboxes. When the manager of Builder's Square moved to Sears and determined that they needed a fencing installer, he called us first because of the great feedback he’d received from his old customers. We installed for Builder's Square and Sears for about two years. We started to receive a lot of calls to install fencing for other businesses, so we made the decision to go on our own. At that time, I was still working my full time job and the The Postman was physically located at my home.

In 1998, I came home from work and told my wife I was going to quit my full-time job and go into the fencing business full-time and live the American dream. Now, after 25 years, still going strong, my son, Ryan, and brother still work for the company. Ryan is our estimator and JJ is our top installer. I still work on the job site every day. If you have a fence being installed, you will see me on the job. Unlike other fence companies, the boss is on the job! Our customers are our number one priority. We install the fence as if it was our own and when we are done we clean up and try to make the work site as clean as we found it. We built a warehouse at 11511 Sprinkle Road in Vicksburg Michigan. We thought this would show our customers that we are here to stay. We currently have over 2,600 satisfied customers and we’d like you to be the next.

Who would have thought when I was driving home all those years ago how far we would come? It is truly the American dream.

-Dave Olson
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